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I'm new to massage. What do I need to know?

What is massage?

- Massage thearpy has been used for thousands of years to heal various conditions. Recent research suggests massage is helpful for various musculoskeltal conditions and general mental and physical health.

- Massage is a manipulation of the body's soft-tissue structures


How do I best prepare?

- If I'm coming to your home, make sure to clear a 12 x 12 foot space for us to work. You may light candles and set your encironment for a comfortable, relaxing session.

- Check in with your mind, body, spirit before our meeting. Meditation, or a quiet moment with yourself, may reveal what your body needs. We will discuss your current state and goals before each session. I meet the client's willingness to achieve long-term goals.

- Work out and/or take a hot shower before treatment. Warm your muscles from the inside out. They will be more pliable upon our session. 

- After we review our goals and establish a treatment plan, take your time to prepare for the massage. Take nice deep breaths and focus on FEELING and connecting with your body. How do your muscles feel? How do they feel when you take a deep breath and relax?

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